5 real ways to boost your health right now

Boosting your health and nutrition, its’s easy right? Not always. So many of us lead busy lives juggling work, home and families, that food often falls to the bottom of the priority list.

Making a few simple changes can have an incredibly powerful impact on our overall health and is a great place to start on the road to feeling more fantastic than ever.

Add in the good things

Ok, this may sound obvious but instead of focusing on what you’re going to cut out why not look at what you can add in? Try making an extra vegetable to go with a dish, perhaps a side of greens or something raw to kick off the meal? Can you grab some extra fruit, nuts or seeds during the day?

The magic is… the more you add in the good stuff it leaves little room for the not so good stuff – we can only eat so much in a day! And of course, you start to feel so good eating the best food, that becomes everything you want.

Count chemicals, not calories

All calories are not created equal. Foods such as avocados and nuts deliver a large calorific hit but are full of essential nutrients you don’t want to miss. To boost your health start counting the chemicals and stop worrying about the calories.

Many food additives can have a seriously negative effect on your overall health, and we are still completely in the dark about the long term impact of consuming these in large quantities.

Get stuck in reading the ingredient lists of your food. If you don’t recognise the name of something as food– it’s probably not great. As a rule of thumb, anything labelled fat free, sugar free etc – think chemical weapon!

It’s also likely that if additives are being included these are to compensate for the food being of poor quality or to give it a super long shelf life – these are not going to be nutritionally rich foods!

Make it yourself

There are so many health advantages to preparing food in your own kitchen, I could write an entire article!

Frequently, packaged food is made with a completely different agenda to the food you make yourself. The aim is often to boost profits and make incredibly cheap ingredients taste good – not to nourish you.

Often the homemade version of most foods will be lower in salt, fat and sugar as well as countless other chemicals. Obviously, that loaf of bread or bowl of coleslaw you make at home doesn’t need to stay fresh on a shelf for several weeks so there’s no need for a host of preservatives and stabilisers.

Stick to fresh foods with their own flavours and then there’s no need for the extras!

Stay inspired

Surround yourself with books, films, websites, ideas and articles to keep your motivation up. You generally won’t sit down to eat a huge bag of crisps or a massive bar of chocolate straight after watching a documentary on healthy eating!

Talk to friends about the changes you want to make and connect with those who already follow similar paths. Try swapping recipes for extra ideas.  Inspiring each other is powerful!

Start by putting together a list of healthy foods that you love – there’s loads to go at. Think about your favourite fruits, vegetables, dips ,sauces etc and start there.

Making a permanent change takes time and being interested and inspired makes the process so much more enjoyable.

Once you start to eat not just good food but great food, there’s no going back!

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