Best of the Best – January

So it’s now 2021 and we’re working harder than ever nourishing ourselves with food after one of the craziest years!

After periods of stress and even potential illness its crucial to now start maximising the nutrients you’re consuming to rebuild overall health and energy levels. Focusing on a good quality wholefood plant-based diet is a great start, as you’ll literally be flooding your system with nutrition without making it work harder dealing with lots of processed foods, toxins, chemicals etc.

In order to get the best from our plant-based meal, its super useful to know what fruits and vegetables are at their best right now. Produce in season will almost always be more nutrient rich, tastier and often significantly cheaper. Organic if you can but local is great if not  – look for freshness and not perfection!

Have a dig around at your supermarket and see what you can find. Farm shops, greengrocers and market stalls are also mostly still open and are some of the best places to find something local, in addition to any veg box schemes running in your area – here in East Devon we’re big Riverford fans

Over the coming months we’ll be sharing guides of what UK grown seasonal produce to look for and some fab ways to prepare and enjoy them.

So forget the out of season cardboard tomatoes in January and have a try with some of the seasonal stars instead!

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