Soup Days – February

February is here and with it the days are getting lighter and the nights shorter! With temperatures these days super cold though it’s still all about the warming and comforting foods – stews, casseroles, bakes and everything in between. Despite the cold weather there is still loads of fantastic produce to buy to provide inspiration and variety for your plant based meals.

So here is this month’s fresh produce buying guide – all the UK grown fruit and veg to look out for on your next shopping adventure (online or otherwise!)

This month it’s all about the root vegetables and greens so we’ve been making huge batches of soup each week to ensure we always have a warm lunch at a moment’s notice on the busy days. Paired with a slice of fresh spelt or rye bread – its perfecto.

For a super simple and fool proof soup recipe I always follow Darina Allen’s basic soup formula from the Ballymaloe Cookery School. Click here for the details. This recipe works with pretty much any veg you have around and is always delicious.

Warming homemade soups also fit the bill at this time of year when most of us are looking reduce a bit after Christmas but before the Easter excess. Salad isn’t ever going to cut it on a cold night but a hearty bowl of soup will give a great nutrition boost and fulfill the need for something warm and snuggly!

For more inspiration try our Minestrone or Curried Lentil Soup – enjoy!

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